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United by sublimation

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Digital Fabric Printing

At DePrint, we are a world-leading dye sublimation printing company specializing in high-quality, vibrant colors, and stunning details. We ensure consistent output without any changes. Our fast turnaround times and seamless customer experience speak to our passion for finding solutions that help you succeed.


At DePrint, our state-of-the-art 18,000-unit, impeccably maintained facility continuously produces the highest quality products. Our business is proudly fueled by a team of dedicated employees who have remained committed to delivering the highest quality products to our customers over the long term.

Inkjet Printing

The design is printed onto a large roll of special sublimation paper using specialized inks. These inks are designed to convert from a solid to a gas state when heated

Roll-to-Roll Transfer

Roll-to-Roll Sublimation printing is a powerful technology for high-volume production of colorful, durable printed fabrics.

Roll-to-Cut Transfer

The most special type of sublimation printing is performed in a cut format and requires high precision and skill for printing sportswear, and more.